my Nürnberg language exchange

my Nürnberg language exchange

my Nürnberg language exchange


Every THU from 6pm Germans and foreigners come together to practise their respective foreign language(s) at Campus Café in the heart of Nuremberg. By „connecting international people“ our meeting ensures that everybody can meet new and nice people, have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere and pracise and learn new languages. Campus Café offers food as well so you can drop in directly from work or university.

There is no registration necessary, our team will meet and great you at the entrance and explain you everything. If you come for the first time make sure to get your name tag which includes your first name, country of origin and flag stickers of the languages you speak or want to learn.

In order to be able to host this event at the Campus Café, we need to ask for a minimum consumption. This works by selling you guys drink vouchers worth 3 €. You can therefore choose wether you want to pay 3€ and get 3€ worth vouchers or pay 5€ and get 6€ worth vouchers.

Stands on every the table indicate the language pair spoken, e.g. German-English, German-Spanish, etc. but you can also stand at the bar and talk to people individually.

We are ready – the only thing that’s missing is you!

Key Facts

  • meet new people and practise your language skills
  • good mix of German and foreign language mother tongue speakers
  • language pairs per table: D-En / D-Es / D-Fr / D-It / D-Ru / D-Pt / D-Ar / D-Tü / ...


Campus Café

Gewerbemuseumsplatz 2
90403 Nürnberg


Every Thursday

from 6pm until 11pm

How to get there

Public transportation

U-Bahn: Wöhrder Wiese / Lorenzkirche
Stadtbahn: Marientor / Wöhrder Wiese
Bus: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / Wöhrder Wiese
10 minutes walk from main station

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I participated in the Würzburg Language on a regular basis before I moved to Nuremberg. So when I got asked if I want to be the organizer of the new Nürnberg Language Exchange I didn’t have to think long and said yes :)

Andres Camilo, organizer


Andrés Camilo

Andrés Camilo

my Nürnberg language exchange


  • +49 176 21 91 30 13
  • /mynuernberglanguageexchange